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BREVO 35W Electric Warmer Heat Preservation for Coffee & Tea Maker, Glass Pot Included?

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29th Mar 2019

My experience and qualifications: I’m an IT student, and coffee keeps my spirits and my gpa up

Ok so I really loved my French press, I had a tiny one, it could make 2-3 cups of coffee, but one of my relatives decided to just take it �� so lately I’ve been boiling coffee in a pot and filtering it myself 🙁

Anyway, here’s a link to a similar French press. This is actually a listing for a heater that comes with a french press, keeps it hot 🙂


Alternatively, I used to use an electric tea kettle, you would pour cold water into it, and turn it on, it heats, and then stick the coffee into it. There’s a filter, so it keeps the coffee from getting into the water, I’m including a link for that as well! The one I’m linking is specifically for coffee and you can pick your size 🙂


I hope this helps!!