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30th Aug 2018

Happy Thursday,

So… I got a random BAMF gift if the mail yesterday. My bf’s brother lives out in Cali, and him and his wife do very well financially. He is always looking out for his little brother. This is the brother who send Bento a welcome package with a ton of gadgets and treats for giving him a bath and taking him to the beach. Anyways, he asked me this week if we drink coffee or espresso, and I said we drink anything, we love our caffeine lol. I didnt think much of it, thought maybe he would buy us a bag of coffee or something for next time we see him. He has very expensive taste and and always tries to get us to get nice things but is mindful its not our Budget… we are more Wal-mart level people XD

Received a giant package in the mail. He got us a Nespresso Vertuo machine, with the milk frother. Also included a mug set. But also included a years supply of coffee! This machine takes pods like a keurig but its espresso. The pods are different sizes depending on what you want, like some are double shots and some are 8oz, and some are 14oz yikes! We filled one of our large drawers with the pods, its crazy. I play with it last night and omg, I can’t go back. Its one of those things I didn’t realize I needed it in my life. Its like having Starbucks in my kitchen. It makes the creamiest coffee with a big thick foam on top. Tastes great. Ive been really into ordering Americanos lately, so now that I can just make my own I am so excited! The milk frother is awesome too. I used HWC and it was the perfect thickness and warmness. Next time I will add a few drops of stevia. I can’t wait to try all the flavors. We are so grateful for this gift, called and thanked him and he said it was a house warming (apartment warming lol) and early Christmas present.

Im totally going to make my own pumpkin spice americano by adding the spice and stevia to hwc, it will be great I bet 😀

Anyways, to update my weight Ive noticed my pants are fitting looser! What sorcery is this? I was starting to think I might be at my weight my body wants. Im wearing Maurices 11/12 pants that are practically falling off my hips. Maybe I really am a 10, even in those brands D: Ive also noticed Im starting to lose some fat in areas like my arms. I was a little flabby there but ive noticed its tightened up a lot. My belly however is looking worse and more deflated. My fat pouch is more like a loose belly pouch so its really discouraging. Hoping this goes away someday because no way I could afford a surgery for that in this lifetime. Luckily loose skin hasn’t been a major problem, but its starting to slowly show itself and I dont like that. But its better to be healthy, so it is what it is and I will have to keep working at it.

Alright, time for coffee. Sometime tells me the free work coffee may not be to my liking today, please don’t let me turn into a coffee snob XD

Have a nice day everyone <3