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Brentwood Cordless Electric Kettle BPA Free, 1 Liter, White?

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19th Nov 2019

Whole wheat bread, peanut butter, honey or jelly, bananas.

Maybe the hotel has hot water somewhere? Like a coffee pot you can use? If they do then you could make oatmeal and cup o noodle.

OMG. I forget about electric kettles. Small ones. Let me go find a link. Here is a small 1 liter one on Amazon. Boils hot water in minutes. $10


There is also the dash mini griddle. Makes one egg it’s so small. $12


I’d hide both of these items from house keeping, but they would get some hot food into you.

Edit: I was wrong in this one. Google says 2 hours only. so you’d need that ice bucket for the eggs. Raw unbroken eggs will keep unrefrigerated just fine for some days.