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Braun Shaver Series 3 [Washing Type Two-stage Charging ] 3020s-b?

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1st Jun 2020

Until she gets laser/electrolysis, look into a foil-type electric shaver. I use a Braun 3000S; it’s relatively cheap, the heads last a long time and are replaceable, it works wet/dry and can shave while charging (not wet of course!), and it gets a pretty smooth shave with no nicks and bumps.

I’ve been able to save even more money on heads by taking the old head apart when a foil breaks, and saving the remaining good foil; when my next replacement head breaks a foil, I just swap that out with the one I saved and it goes for another couple of weeks/months (I seem to need replacement heads ~30-40% less often)

Here’s the 3020S on Amazon.co.jp for about ¥6122. You can get replacement heads on Amazon for ¥2820 and they last several months (especially if you do the foil switching thing).