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Bowers and Wilkins P7 Recertified Headphone – Black?

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22nd Mar 2017

I’ve been shopping around for new headphones for some time and recently found a deal on Amazon offering the Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphones recertified for only $280 as opposed to their $350 msrp.
For the $200-300 price range will this be the best sounding pair? Also should I be concerned at all that they’re recertified as opposed to new? Additionally I was thinking of purchasing a DAC for under $100 if it would provide a significant increase in audio quality at that price range and for my source. I’ve seen the Fiio E7 recommended and elsewhere seen the Dragonfly Black although that seems to be hailed as overpriced on this sub. Any and all advice is appreciated.

Budget – $200-300 for headphones, $100 for DAC

Source – Toshiba Laptop and iPhone SE

Isolation – I’d like decent isolation for use in a dorm and at the library mostly

Type – closed back, over ear headphone

Sound preference – I’m not sure, I want something that sounds good across a full range of music from Rock to Rap to Classical

Past Headphones – I’ve only ever had apple earbuds and Beats Studio headphones. I know that’s probably laughable to many of you on here, but I got the Beats before I started actively looking into audio/headphone quality and am just now starting my journey into equipment that makes my music sound as it should.

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25th Feb 2016

Have anyone of you tried the B&W P7 headphones?
I’ve found a pair of “reworked” or “recertified” as they’re called on Amazon for around $270 in my country. Normally, they’re just over $420 in local currency.

I know that the higher cost does not mean that they’re better by any means but I though I’d hear what you knowledgable people have to say about them, if you’ve heard them.

They appear to be pretty good even if they’re more of a portable headphone.

If /u/ZeosPantera has time to spare it would certainly be appreciated to hear what he has to say about any of these headphones even if he has done reviews on most of them.