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Boveda 84% RH 2-Way Humidity Control – Properly Seasons a Wood Humidor in Just 14 days – All In One Solution For Humidification- Patented Technology for Cigar Humidors – 12 Count Retail Carton?

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4th May 2015

I would say go as high as you can go with the Boveda’s. I made the mistake of buying a box (I think it’s meant for stores lol) of 69% or 72%. Those don’t cut it, I’ve got like 4 in there with maybe 5ish cigars. Reads out at 55% (I got a digital hygrometer I calibrated and works perfectly).

If I were to do it all again, I would actually get the 84% seasoning packages and just use those, when my humidor was seasoning with those, it was the only time it was reading at 70%(ish).

Keep me posted, I’m curious to see what works. And like that other guy said, it might be that metal clasp at the front, I’m hesitant to remove mine, it looks nice.