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Boston Acoustics A 25 Compact Two-Way 5.25-Inch Woofer Bookshelf Speaker (Gloss Black)?

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23rd Jul 2016

I would look at these options

Focal Bird $150 ea x 3 Total: $450

Boston Acoustic A25 $120 ea and the A225 Center $250 Total: $490

EMPTek R5Be $225pr + R5ci center $200 Total: $425

DefTech ProMonitor 800 $135ea & ProMonitor 1000 Center $220 Total: $490

This all being said I don’t know how much more you’re going to get out of any of these over the Boston CS26 combo. You’ll notice more jump from the Micca’s to the CS26 than you will from the CS26 to any of the above options. The Boston’s are currently a lower price than they have been in the past and are actually very good speakers for the money. You’re really gaining some cool form factors in the DefTech’s and Focal options. The A series Bostons get the fancier cabs but have a very similar sound. The EMPTek are just a good looking speaker that get’s good reviews.

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24th May 2016

Hmm ok. They seem to be a bit high on the price range tough. I found those : https://www.amazon.ca/Boston-Acoustics-A25GB-0XX00-Gloss-Black/dp/B004LA96M8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1464095152&sr=8-3&keywords=boston+acoustics+bookshelf


Would there be a major difference with the polks ? Also, i am guessing i would be better to just run a 2.1 setup for music VS using 5.1 in a ”surround” type of sound since it’s for outside.

So far my top pick was those :