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BOSSIN Gaming Chair with Massage, Ergonomic Heavy Duty Design, Gamer Chair with Footrest and Lumbar Support, Large Size Cushion High Back Office Chair, Big and Tall Gaming Computer Chair for Kids?

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16th Mar 2021

Well, my problem is I’m just replacing a gas lift, and I cant for the life of me find the fuckin specifications of the one that broke, I’m also unsure of how to measure it properly


this is the chair I got, and I wanna make sure I get the proper lift haha

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6th Nov 2020

My brief googling ‘Gaming Chair with connected armrests” turned up a few interesting candidates.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about these, but what I found Googling. Hope it helps.

Looks like respawn has two models with connected arm rests, though I found similar looking ones under various brand names: https://respawnproducts.com/collections/chairs?gclid=Cj0KCQiAhZT9BRDmARIsAN2E-J3EWSaTR4i3t_-QgYd-4KnaaOdDELrS8DqdJ30plXojDYStMEA5r0UaAjn4EALw_wcB

Others I found:


It’s a feature I think I see more often on regular office chairs instead of gaming specific ones: