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Bossi White Color 104 Keys PBT Double-shot Keycaps Replacement Mechanical Keycaps for Cherry Mechanical MX Switch Keyboard with Key Puller?

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8th Jan 2018

oh no, i meant them to be clear-translucent and top printed, like if they were just a normal set like these : https://www.amazon.com/Bossi-Double-shot-Replacement-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B01IBM92GQ/ref=sr_1_22?ie=UTF8&qid=1515390705&sr=8-22&keywords=keycaps
But the white plastic would be translucent and the print would be black.

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17th Feb 2017

This is assuming you want backlit compatible keycaps (and doubleshot PBT’s):

Please note that virtually all PBT Doubleshot White keycap sets are going to have backlight bleed that may be undesirable. Vortex 126 key (new) white set seems to have the most consistent bleed on the alphanumerics and main keys (see below), out of all of the sets. The only way you are going to get a white doubleshot set WITHOUT any backlight bleed at all is to get an ABS doubleshot set, and then you may wind up stuck with super gamer legends that are even worse than the cmanykmany88 ones (which are at the border at what I would call acceptable)–E-element, Teamwolf and Zhuque use those atrocious super gamer sets. I believe these won’t have any bleed at all on the white caps, but they are abs: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-ABS-Keycaps-Double-Color-Translucent-Newly-Design-Rainbow-Color-Mechanical-Keyboard/211972_32682970339.html

Anyway: as far as doubleshot PBT’s:

They’re pretty standard fare, if you can handle the fonts. I bought a set of “IKBC” doubleshot PBT keycaps from an aliexpress shop, that was NOT made by ikbc, but was made by cmany/kmany88.com, that are decent enough, are seamless (white caps), without the black rectangles blocking light through the legends like black seamless doubleshots do, and big enough legends that let a lot of light through the keycaps. Surprisingly low backlight bleed (can’t see any bleed in a low light room), but there is some in a dark room and is a bit inconsistent from keycap to keycap, but still much less than the Ducky or Vortex 126 keycap sets. The legends are a bit silly, though. The PBT material tends to make the lighting seem ‘cooler’ (slightly more blue shifted) but a lot of RGB LED light gets through (it’s brighter than the Vortex sets). https://www.aliexpress.com/item/IKBC104-Double-shot-Translucidus-Backlit-PBT-Mechanical-Keycap-For-Cherry-Keycool-NOPPOO-PLU-HPE-Ducky-Filco/32521595756.html

Put them on my Ducky YOTM and am happy with them.

Bossi has a set which is also doubleshot PBT, not seamless, though. More backlight bleed, but the legends are lot less ridiculous gamer fonts and look far more neutral. They also let a lot of light through the keycaps, and being more warm toned. Very decent keycaps, but make sure the shipping is packed up well. Mine came with a broken “M” key stem, which seemed to happen before shipping, and am still waiting for my replacement key to arrive (it’s in transit right now).

I ordered the bossi set from Amazon, and was not too thrilled about the slow shipping. I don’t have an aliexpress link, but I do have the taobao link:
I have the white set. When I get my “M” key, I’ll be very happy with this set. It’s good enough to have replaced my doubleshot ABS Ducky YOTG keycap set on my YOTG itself. While the keycaps aren’t as -pretty- as the original Ducky sets (the entire keycap doesn’t glow in the RGB color at night, like a disco floor room, which the YOTG set does), and the larger, brighter fonts also have a slightly “blurry” feel to it, its still pretty and bright and it’s doubleshot PBT.

You’re on your own if you want to find that set through aliexpress. You can use a taobao agent like taobaoring, but that will definitely cost you. Or you can cheap out and get it through Amazon. Might take ages, and you do have the A-Z guarantee for money back if there is a problem Bossi won’t fix for you, so either you’ll get your keycaps or a refund.


Overall, these Chinese sets are not as clean cut as the Vortex sets (The Vortex sets have the best fonts, but the new white 126 key vortex sets have some strange square patterns through the backlight bleed (completely invisible and perfect during daytime without bleed) on a few of the extended keys on all the sets, showing there is some issue with the process (calculator, numlock, scroll lock, pause, home, page up, del, numpad 2, numpad 8, are the ones with that strange square pattern. Another user has those exact same patterns on the exact same keys so it’s something in that process. Doesn’t happen on the black versions.

Overall, if you can deal with the slow shipping, they’re pretty standard fare and worth the money.
The Bossi sets are $18 on Amazon so if you can handle the slow shipping and possibly very crappy packaging and get them all in one piece, they’re a very nice set for $18. Just not as nicely cut as the Vortex sets are, for obvious reasons.

The enjoyPBT sets are indeed nice and good quality, but they are NOT backlit compatible.

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6th May 2020

Do you mean the left shift? If so, it is 2u as opposed to the standard 2.25u left shift. You can find sets already tailored for the gk64 such as this set that is penguin themed and others on aliexpress and banggood. Those will have your usual issues with shipping from china if you are in the US, namely it taking forever.


Otherwise you can use any random 2u key from a set such as the + key or 0 key from the numpad of a 104 key set. Here is a random cheap set from amazon that should be able to work for this. As long as its one of the keycap profiles that has every row identical then substituting any 2u key you can find in there for it should be fine. But you will run into issues if you want to go with one of the sculpted sets where each row has a very different height and shape.


Edit: if you mean using the gk61 with the split spacebar option that is a different board than the gk64 and the split spacebar config takes the standard 6.25u spacebar and splits it into a 2.75u spacebar on the far left, a 2.25u spacebar/fn1/fn3 key in the middle and a 1.25u fn2 key on the right. Kinda weird but not necessarily too weird. Not sure where to get keycaps for it as quick as I was with the other keycaps I linked because I was looking at those other ones for my own gk64 based purposes earlier. But I believe you should be able to find those in like 60% conversion kits or the nicer keycap sets that come with tons of non-standard options

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15th Apr 2021

White pudding keycaps

If you’re not a fan of the pudding keycaps there’s also these



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18th Jan 2017

You’re talking about the Ducky YOTG keycap set. Those are doubleshot ABS keycaps and probably the prettiest keycaps you can get of that type, but they’re still ABS and will wear (although the light effect and legends won’t degrade). That set has been out of stock in USA for ages.

You have a few options if you want that type of glowing disco room effect.

1) import it from Taiwan with “Shopping mall japan” proxy and order it from here: http://www.b18.com.tw/Shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=955

2) wait for iKBC to release their PBT doubleshot version of these keycaps. It’s unclear if you will get the same type of effect as the Ducky caps, or if there will be less light diffusion evenly through the keycap (a big problem with the VORTEX SET), causing you to see the keyswitch instead, which is very ugly, but you can look at youtube videos and see for yourself :



Night viewing:

If those keycaps are to your liking, wait for iKBC to sell the white pbt doubleshot set on Amazon that it uses on the white iKBC F87 and F108 as in the videos.

If all you want are white keycaps with brighter legends, PBT and less light bleed (but I haven’t tested these keycaps) you can try:


https://www.aliexpress.com/item/IKBC104-Double-shot-Translucidus-Backlit-PBT-Mechanical-Keycap-For-Cherry-Keycool-NOPPOO-PLU-HPE-Ducky-Filco/32521595756.html (I have these; they’re definitely better than the black ducky keycaps and are PBT, which is great. Bright, not much backlight bleed, but those legends…)

I have a set of these on order being shipped; won’t be here for weeks though. Someone posted a review so you can get an idea of how they will look.


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27th Dec 2018

I’ve got some of these (albeit in a different color), on my CK552. They’re the same profile as the stock keycaps, and for the price they’re pretty good.

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19th Apr 2017

Might want to try other keycaps that let more LED light through the keys.

the original ducky YOTG ABS DS keycap set is the brightest existing set that uses basic translucent legends, but this set has been unavailable outside of Taiwan for ages. I’m talking about this set: https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1579

And I’m not joking about how vibrant it is. Ask anyone who had a Year of the Goat…they loved the brightness. These keycaps are significantly brighter than even the PBT Vortex 126 key white doubleshot sets that have top aligned symbol legends on the numbers.

You may still be able to buy a set from here, if you use “Shopping Mall Japan” as a buying proxy:


There are some other options for white doubleshot sets that let a lot of light through but you will have to go on aliexpress or banggood for those.

For PBT backlit sets, due to the material usually used, your options are more limited.
For example, the new updated Vortex sets on mk.com, even though they are white and maybe brighter than your stock CM sets, let noticeably less light through than the Ducky YOTG set, even though the font is the same, the translucent material used isn’t. The black Vortex set feels great but won’t be any brighter than your existing set (I have both white and black so I know).

The Bossi sold sets over on amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IBM92GQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) let a LOT of light through. The older pure translucent white sets were pretty much as bright as the Ducky sets. The newer ones that were updated have a translucent process that makes the legends look dark and pad printed if the LEDs are off and translucent and bright if the LED’s are on. Rather nice set, although out of stock. They have been sold on ebay. If you want to find them on taobao or aliexpress, look under the brand name Kananic, as Kananic makes those sets to use on their own keyboards.

The black versions of these sets let a LOT of light through, as can be seen here: https://geekhack.org/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=88793.0;attach=165973;image . While I had problems with the Bossi seller (multiple issues; still have a missing “M” key from the original non processed white sets, but finally a complete set from the newer white versions, which look a lot nicer with the backlighting off), if you can find them, go for it, maybe from Kananic directly.

These sets also let a lot of light through, but you have to deal with those infamous Chinese gamer fonts, however. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/IKBC104-Double-shot-Translucidus-Backlit-PBT-Mechanical-Keycap-For-Cherry-Keycool-NOPPOO-PLU-HPE-Ducky-Filco/32521595756.html

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26th Feb 2017

That’s because of the “Seamless” keycaps that were used. Doubleshot keycaps require seams in any legend that is encircled, so when a legend is seamless in the front, the seam has to be cut out in the back. For some reason, on black keycaps, a black rectangle is the seam, and it blocks light. I haven’t seen this issue happen on WHITE seamless keycaps; I replaced my YOTM set with a white doubleshot seamless keycap set I bought from a China shop (the box is labeled cmany or kmany88.com or something; it’s at the link below), and the white keycaps have a cutout in the back also, but it doesn’t block light.

It’s best to replace the black seamless keycap set with the Vortex 126 key doubleshot PBT set (the new Vortex sets); the white version of those 126 key sets is out stock on MK.com.

if you want a white set, you could try this set:

(seamless, but font looks more gamery, I have this one on my YOTM and it works well).

or you can try what I don’t have: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/108-104-key-PBT-double-color-backlit-keycap-OEM-profile-Standard-FILCO-font-for-Cherry-MX/2386080_32748117163.html

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29th Mar 2017

So where’s the M key?

Ok let me explain what you’re looking at.

This is the “new revision” Kananic Keycap set that Kananic of China puts on their own keyboards. The keycaps are packaged and sold by Bossi, apparently both on Amazon ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IBM92GQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) and ebay.

But this set shipped without an M key.

Ok…so let’s go back two months ok?
I ordered a set of these keycaps (before the new Vortex 126 key sets with top aligned number symbol legends were available), as they seemed to be the only doubleshot PBT backlit keycaps without “SUPER GAMER CHINESE FONTS.” But that set came to me with the M key having a broken stem (wasn’t in the package so it was broken before they even put it in their own packaging). So I complained and had to wait almost a month, even threatening to use the Amazon A-Z guarantee for a refund, due to outrageous waits for replies back from the seller (Amazon said they would support me if the seller didn’t follow up). Anyway, they sent me a “new” M key and an artisian like “W” key, however the M key looked completely different from the original set! Apparently this sample was made using a newer process, which made the legends look dye-sub and still being translucent at the same time! But naturally it looked out of place. Instead of trying to deal with outrageous response times again (I could have easily gotten a refund, but for $18, never mind), I ordered another set from Amazon, hoping I would get the new process, or at worst, would be able to have the old process with complete keycaps.

So today the new keycaps came. New process.


Ok so it seems I either got trolled deliberately, or they simply took the ‘M’ key out of that group and sent it to me a month ago. But this still doesn’t excuse them shipping a new set with a missing key deliberately.

but at least now I have a new set of doubleshot PBT keycaps without super gamer fonts, that look rather nice, finally (I have the Vortex new sets also but that’s another story).

Here’s a comparison of the new process by Kananic (the maker of these keycaps) vs the old process –note BOSSI is not Kananic, they just sell their keycaps)


Ducky Year of the Monkey with the new process keycaps.
Nice and bright, but the new legend makes the translucent layer look a bit sparkly.

YOTM with the LED’s off: Legends look nice and dark, not something you would expect from translucent legends!


Ducky Year of the Goat with the stock YOTG keycaps for comparison:

End result: I’m happy, but no man should have to suffer this agonizing torture I had to endure just to get non gamer keycaps that are not Vortex…

P.S. Sorry for potato pictures, my cheap Samsung camera can’t do any better.