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15th Apr 2021

I haven’t had any serious issues with Examity. I once had to wait 15 mins for my proctor to connect, which isn’t too long but any longer would have been excessive. OP’s complaint is legit. You’ll also hear a lot of nitpicky complaints from other students and the best way to work around them is to learn what to do and what not to do. These are some Examity issues I’ve personally experienced and what I did to correct them.

I was told not to cover my mouth while taking an exam
I stopped covering my mouth while taking an exam. Resting your chin on your fist is fine, just don’t cover your mouth.

I highlighted some exam text as I was reading it and was told not to do that
I stopped highlighting exam text

I was told to turn off the printer that sits next to my desk
I turn off the printer before I even start an exam now and then show the proctor my printer is already off

I was told to turn off the second monitor that sits on my desk
I turn off the monitor before I even start an exam now and then show the proctor my monitor is already off

My camera couldn’t capture my entire desk when it’s sitting on the desk itself and the proctor had me moving it all over the place. This one actually pissed me off a lot at the time because I couldn’t think of a way to get the angle that the proctor was looking for.
I finally put my camera on my workbench stool and rolled it slightly behind and to the side of me. That placement captured my entire work area and the proctor let me take the exam. After that, I have my camera set up on the stool before I even connect to a proctor.