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Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker: Small Portable Waterproof Speaker with Microphone, Black?

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26th Aug 2021

If you want a small portable with great sound for ALL kinds of music (classic, jazz, rock, etc.) This is incredible. The larger versions have more bass. I bought a couple different models at Target, tried them out and kept this one. You might prefer the larger versions. Connecting with the App is easy and works well.


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24th Oct 2019

I know it’s not USB C but the Bose Micro $100 is about the best sounding small travel friendly speaker I’ve found. I know, I know it’s Bose but I looked around and this is a great option for a bag. I keep one in my work bag and it’s been a great option.

If you keep on eye open they will go down to the $70 mark with the holiday sales upon us.

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15th Jan 2021

At least 4-6 hours of active study per day most days. It was intensive study, but it never felt overwhelming because it was focused on content I enjoy. I immersed myself in French during every single part of my day.
* Wake up in morning, read French messages and the date/time in French on my Windows lock screen.
* Watch a show with deep studying before lunch. While preparing and eating lunch, watch something else with light studying.
* Work. Listen passively to French music or radio or FRANCE24 while working.
* After work, exercise, listen to a French podcast while I run.
* Shower, listen to French music in the shower. (I use this waterproof speaker or these waterproof earbuds).
* Afterwards continue watching a show with deep studying. If I ever get exhausted of deep studying I switch for a bit to watching another show with light studying, or play a game with voiced French dialogue.
* In bed, watch a show with light studying on my iPad until I’m tired and then sleep.

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27th Jul 2020

What’s wrong with a speaker? This is less than $100, has a strap, it’s small and portable, and I play instrumental non-invasive music to BOTH make my ride more enjoyable AND warn others I’m around.

They make bike horns that are loud though so that would be my non-speaker recommendation. Here’s a video to get an idea of the sound type and levels.