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Boogie Board Basics Reusable Writing Pad-Includes 8.5 in LCD Writing Tablet, Instant Erase, Stylus Pen, Cyan?

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13th Oct 2021

Mom: Specialized necklace of a certain Saint, Small Precious Moment or on that is an ornament (we have on our tree), Shower Steamers

Dad: Pocket tool, mini charger, this, Lowes Gift

Bro: Min Copter (there like the size of your finger), Pokemon cards or a mini one from Funko, Mini tin candy with Mega Man, Space Invaders, or Pac Man.

Husband: I got this for some one else and they loved it, Drum Kite MutesBluetooth Beanie

Cousin: Starbucks Ornament, Hemp Cream, Spa Gift , Mini Massage gun. Shower Steamers


Stuff It! Hope this helps a bit.

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16th Sep 2015
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4th Jun 2014