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Boogie Board Basics Reusable Writing Pad-Includes 8.5 in LCD Writing Tablet, Instant Erase, Stylus Pen, Black?

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20th Mar 2019

Here you go. You can get em cheaper elsewhere this is just the first that came up in my search

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10th Jul 2019

Alot of the players at my store use these to track life
Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet, Black (PT01085BLKA0002) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AFPR684/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_OSsjDbBXVW6G9

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26th Jul 2021

One thing I find super helpful is an LCD writing tablet and they’re only $17 and do not require a computer or any drivers or software.


Basically you write whatever you want to write. Click a red button and all the information is gone. Or flip the switch so that nothing gets erased. Really haven’t found a need for using notebooks.

And for any reminders, just use Todoist (Chrome extension)

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23rd May 2017

>The first thing I struggle with is one of the most easily managed and has been solved by people for decades with a list on the refrigerator: groceries

If the grocery list on the fridge seems most intuitive to you, then that’s what you should do.
A list of groceries you need, stuck to a magnate on the fridge, compiled over a week or two, can be an item in your inbox. Then you just create a task to go to the market and pick up things on that list.

Here is a solution.

You don’t have to do GTD for everything – like when I play videogames, I don’t project plan out what I want to do, set next actions with tags like @agenda(Diablo) @Tristram, etc.

>The other struggle I have is with transporting things between my home, work, and my girlfriend’s place.

This seems like a similar problem to groceries – you need to stock certain locations with certain things and keep up that stock – milk in the fridge, work clothes at the office, secondary laptop with you at home/gf’s, etc.

Also seems like running to work is messing with your logistics a lot – because I would image you don’t want to run somewhere with a laptop bag or a laundry bag.

Here are some solutions I would suggest:

  1. checklist of things you need at each location – like a grocery list, except fixed and checked off before you leave. New work clothes at work – check. Running clothes taken home – check. The only thing you need to remember is to check the list every day before you leave, like you would make sure the wallet, keys and your phone are in your pocket. On the days you run to work, you’ll use your clean stock of work clothes you keep at work – so you need to remember to take your gymbag of running clothes – put it on the “before leaving work” checklist. That night, you need to wash your running clothes and your work clothes, and take the work clothes back with the gym bag. Put it on the “do at home” checklist.
    Or do the Don Draper and keep several shirts/pants in the file cabinet, so you can forget every so often and still be ok.

  2. a second “secondary” (tertiary?) desktop/laptop at your girlfriends’ place. Each location – work, home, gf’s – has a computer, and you never have to remember to take it with you.
    Combine wth a dropbox account – the 1TB paid one if necessary – no need to remember to take your laptop with you. Along with RDP or TeamViewer, you should be able to access all your files wherever. It’s no different than keeping a toothbrush at your girlfriend’s place, except more expensive and not an ongoing expenditure.

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8th Dec 2013

boogie board great for doodling on acid. unfortunately, I don’t think you can save them. But its so fun to draw with your fingernail on these things. I just realized what I’m getting my brother for christmas… haha