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Boogie Board 8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet (Black)?

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26th Feb 2015

I use a boogie-board at times but I also run a mostly narrative game so the specifics of combat aren’t necessary. I just describe the room they are in and maybe draw the layout. I’ve found with my players this is good and bad and i’ve started moving away from it.

I’ve also used the open table and grabbed things from around the room to simulate columns, rocks, control consoles, walls and more. I just estimate move distances. So far the players like the props since it makes the battle more “real” for them. As a player I have a problem with seeing drawn maps as static so I know what they mean, being able to touch the boulder makes it easier for me to come up with the question of “can i push this off the cliff?”. Problem is small rooms would be hard to simulate but I’ve not had that situation yet (they were climbing a multi-story tower for several sessions).

I’m working on getting the 2.5d tiles set up for some future games. Those will take longer to set up at the table and MUCH longer to make props for but…I like props and minis and such so it is really just giving me a solid reason to continue the hobby. Being able to limit room size as needed and fill it with stuff seems ideal to me but its a lot of prep work for both reusable and set-pieces. You really need to WANT to do this to pull it off. 1 day to make enough generic tiles to keep you happy then a large number of hours to make enough props and specialty rooms. I’d probably use pieces of paper to cover up the map and remove them as the party explores rather then drop them each time but that said, I might. It could be fun to have “DUNGEON IS NOW LOADING” screens as long as I have room to easily find all my tiles.

I’ve ordered some tact-tiles so I can pre-draw chunks of dungeon and drop them as needed when they enter rooms. I’ll probably use those more for networks of caverns and tiered environments since it’s easier to work with and help visualize 3d when i can actually make solid platforms on top of each other. The fog of war will be in chunks so it isn’t ideal but it still would be usable.

I’ve used a projector method on a table when the DM was running a module. It was god damn awesome for showing references, keeping track of info, moving minis about and more. He had a dry-erase board as big as his table so we were tracking health and other notes on it the whole time. Damn amazing. But there was no fog of war, i can only see that as making it better for a long crawl.

Easiest Method Drawing the map on a mat as you go is sufficient. It’s not quick, pretty or foolproof but it certainly works, is cheap and highly mobile. It can make certain buildings/dungeons look weird though if you start drawing the scale wrong and there are weird gaps between rooms (that aren’t secret rooms) or two hallways don’t touch right because you drew them the wrong way.

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31st Oct 2011

Is this what a boogie board is ?