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Boodlab Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sleep Mask, 3D Sleep Eye Mask with Ultra-Thin HD Stereo Speakers Washable Adjustable for Sleeping Side Sleepers, Air Travel,Yoga,Meditation,Holiday?

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8th Dec 2020

Been working random shifts for years. I just discovered the best thing for this:

Bluetooth sleeping mask + binaural beats app! currently $18 on Amazon!

It pairs to your phone and has flat speakers that play whatever you set on your phone. I use an old phone so I can set an alarm without being woken by scammer calls. The binaural beats app (seriously, look up what it is) adds a white noise (I use brown noise) that drowned out most sounds. I add earplugs during the day so I can’t hear anything except the brown noise.

Alternatively, you can make your partner wear the mask and listen to the cartoons on his phone…

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3rd Aug 2020

I don’t have a pillow recommendation but I love this Bluetooth speaker/eyeshade combo. I call it being in my sensory deprivation tank.