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BON AUGURE L Shaped Desk with Shelves, Reversible Corner Computer Desk, Rustic Wood Home Office Desks (59 Inch, Vintage Oak)?

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4th Jan 2021

For the sub $500 range, your best bet is to get a decent metal/glass desk. They are way better then the shitty particleboard desks and much cheaper then the real wood desks. A simple metal/glass desk is in the $100-$200 range, but it looks like if you jump into the $200-$300 range, you can get metal with wood tops.

From a quick look on Amazon, this is the first desk that really catches my eye in your range if you are a fan of l-shaped desks: https://www.amazon.com/BON-AUGURE-Corner-Computer-Desk-Storage-Industrial/dp/B07Y81KMSX/