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29th Dec 2020

If you can’t game with your laptop, to capture any games you’ll probably need either a computer that can game OR an external capture card to get stuff from a console. That’s probably you’re #1 need.

After that a better mic is probably more important than a stand alone webcam. I’d suggest a dynamic mic like the q2u for a budget setup that will keep outside noises away.

After that you can start worrying about webcams and green screens. The c615 is cheaper than the c920 (lower video quality, but it works).

Ultimately lights are more important than upgrading your webcam, but what you do with lighting will be somewhat dependent on your webcam. Lighting is probably cheaper than a webcam though so you could potentially do that first. Keep in mind that if you’re planning on getting a green screen it will take a lot of light to make it worthwhile so that anything you buy should take that plan into account. I use a pair of these pointed at my greenscreen: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B083LRN2GM and one of these off to the side to light my face: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B087NHH4YN/ . Down the road I’ll be upgrading my lighting further, but those three lights alone are totally adequate for a green screen and lighting.

This is the green screen I’m using: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08CGW7JK4 . It’s a little on the small side, so I only have about 18 inches behind me before it is there and I have to trim the sides off my camera capture because of the width.

All of that said, I reached affiliate while I still used a c615 webcam, using that same webcam as my microphone, cheap earbuds as my headphones, no extra lighting beyond being in a lit room, and no green screen. It’s way more about the content and entertainment you provide than it is about the tech you use. You can have an amazing setup and no audience because you’re not entertaining to watch or you can have a low tech setup but great charisma and get viewers.


Note: You can get Katanas that are not battle ready on amazon and ebay for like $25. Just please don’t swing them around. There are plenty of clips on the internet of what happens when you do, and I’ve got a 5 cm scar showing that I learned that before videos where a thing on the internet.