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13th May 2017

> I’m fat and walk with a slight slouch

Both of these things can be fixed, and probably should be for your long term health. Slouching will give you back problems, and extra weight puts pressure on your joints and organs. Literally all you have to do is Google how to fix these problems and you will find tons of advice. Neither problem is permanent.

> I’m not physically strong

You can change that very easily. Join a gym. Hire a trainer. Heck, you can start by just doing push-ups every day.

> I’m socially awkward. I can’t form relationships easily and I tend to be awkward.

My sister has a PhD in treating people with these very issues. You can go on Amazon and find books of all kinds written by mental health professionals that deal with this. You are not the first person in the world to have this problem, you can make it better.

> As for going to the masjid, again, I’m socially awkward and would not handle having the imam tell everyone I’m single and looking for a wife well.

Again, social anxiety. There are professionals who have written tons of books on treatment. You can get better.

> I don’t want to do the online way. Not only is it weird to me, but I doubt I’ll meet anyone I’ll like on MuslimsMingle or whatever.

Again, this seems like a symptom of your social anxiety. Somewhere out there is a woman telling herself the very same things. By not participating in such things you literally are saying “I know there is a way to help me meet people, but I am specifically choosing not to do it, then I will complain on the internet that I will never meet anyone.” We have a saying in our house “If you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘no’.” By not doing this sort of thing, you are deliberately depriving yourself of a real chance at meeting someone. You need to reach out, a woman is not going to appear from the sky and land on the couch next to you, ready to be your wife. That’s like saying “I want an education but I refuse to enroll in school or register for classes.”

> Any suggestions?

Yes. Start working on the things you can work on.

1) Get in better shape, not just to be more attractive but healthier in general. The confidence you gain as you begin to change your physical body will also begin to affect your emotional and spiritual life.

2) Work on your social awkwardness. There are tons of tools and professionals who can help you. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE LIFE AS AN AWKWARD PERSON. Allah has blessed you with the ability to change yourself, it’s how a slave can arise to lead the community in prayer. This power has been granted to you, you can rise above it.

> everyone else seems to have it so easy: my cousins married by family match-making

3) Everything about you right now is screaming “I don’t really want to meet anyone, I just want to stay alone, and leave me alone.” You are only focused on your faults, and people sense that. You think people are going to say to themselves “hey, let’s introduce this girl to him, I mean sure, he has low self esteem, doesn’t reach out to anyone and is convinced he will not meet anyone, but that will all magically work itself out.”? No, you are sending the world the entirely wrong message right now.

You have the power to fix so much about yourself, it is all in your hands. It won’t happen overnight, but you just need to start taking some steps. Start today by maybe going for a walk to get some exercise. Maybe not drink soda. Just do something, anything to begin the process of you becoming a better version of yourself.