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28th Jun 2018

Yeah, tell me about it. I did some research by reading Amazon reviews, but I probably should have also looked elsewhere for reviews as well. Here’s the bike I purchased from Amazon. It’s nothing spectacular and lacks all the bells and whistles. I pulled the trigger on this one because of the price and because there was a positive review from someone who claimed to be an avid spinner. It has its quirks and is a little noisy, but it gets the job done and is strong and sturdy enough for me. When I get the cash, I’d like to upgrade to this one, but it’s really expensive for me.

I’m still not a strong spinner, as I’ve only been doing it for two months. But I’ve improved quite a bit. When I first got on the bike, I started up a beginner video that ran 20 minutes. No problem, I told myself, this should be doable. 10 minutes in my heart rate was soaring, I couldn’t control my breathing, I got off the bike and my legs felt like jelly. I felt like I was going to be sick! But I got back on the next day, told myself that I’ll do what I can, and just kept at it. Second week in I was getting my way through 30 minute HIIT videos. Now I usually do videos that are 45 to 60 minutes long. Though I’ve only lost about 4 lbs in two months, I’m somewhat leaner and can fit into my clothes much better. In fact, I noticed just today that jeans that used to hug my thighs are now slightly loose and comfortable. My wife even noticed that my belly was smaller. I’m slowly seeing results and it keeps me going.