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Body-Solid GFB350 Adjustable 600 lbs. Capacity Flat Utility Weight Bench for Strength Training, Stretching, Ab Exercises, and Dumbbell Curls?

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31st Oct 2011

That rack is ok. The maximum capacity as far as I know is about 300lbs, so as long as you aren’t near that on squats or benching it’s not a big deal. If you foresee yourself getting to/passing that, you really might want to consider something a little more expensive with a higher weight capacity.

Far as the barbell, as long as it’s a real olympic bar (not hollow) wouldn’t worry terribly much about brand.

A bench. Benches are tricky. The maximum weight capacity on the bench is weight including user. So a 300lbs max capacity bench is worthless if you have any weight to you and any strength.

I bought this bench and aside from a problem getting the right bolts (BodySolid fixed the problem for me) it’s a great bench.

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12th Oct 2011

Ah ok. I’m posting this as part of my complete “just bought” list but I found this gem. Took a lot of searching (and finally, a phone call) but it is rated to 800lbs maximum capacity. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MWCN24

430 is good enough depending on your weight and lifts. I weigh 170lbs and can put up 200. So that’d put me at 370 and not leave me much wiggle room. Max weight includes user weight, have to remember that. But for someone just starting, 430 is plenty. And the price is right.

Also, I’m going to have clients using mine. So kinda have to go for something rated far higher than I’ll need, just in case I get either someone much stronger or (more likely) much larger.