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Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 34 Ounce, 1 Liter, Chrome, Standard Packaging?

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22nd Aug 2015

This is the standard universal “french press”, which is 34 oz. This is the one I use for 10-12 tbp. Even though this says “8 cup”, it really is only about 2 big mugs of coffee worth. I also have had the large Ikea brand french press and it’s the same size.


The plunger will push all the grounds to the bottom. You should definitely feel like there’s some force back. You don’t have to press hard, but it should definitely feel like there is something you are pushing on. You should feel the grounds.

Oh, and the beans just probably depend on what you like. My local coffee shop is always getting in new beans from different parts of the world, but so far I think I prefer light roasts compared to dark roasts. I just bought some indian monsoon malabar coffee that was amazing. I like trying coffee from different parts of the world, so I’m okay with not yet having that particular of a taste.

Last, and definitely not least, try to cold brew it if you have a fridge nearby! When you get your french press system down, a few hours before you go to bed, put in the amount of coffee you like, but instead of boiling water, just put in cold filtered water. Let it sit out on a counter until right before you go to bed, then stash it in a fridge. The next morning, plunge it down when you are ready to drink it, and you’ll have some amazingly refreshing cold coffee. I like to usually mix in some cinnamon into my cold brew.