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BODUM Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffeemaker, 1-Liter, Green?

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8th Oct 2015

I would tailor some of the items based on the individual, as someone (especially a coffee lover) might already have the “essentials” like a kettle or strainer. In that case, I would spend more on a tea sampler.

My suggestions (given your budget):

  • Brewing Vessel/Filter: A glass french press; sure it doesn’t seem like “romantic” at first glance, but it allows plenty of brewing space and you can view the tea brewing (which is very visually appealing).

  • Kettle: Stainless steel tea kettle; it still whistles and I haven’t found glass stovetop kettles to last very long.

  • Tea: Little sample bags of your own selection of tea is the best way to introduce someone to teas (and it helps that you’re obviously knowledgeable about and tasted the tea); you should be able to find “sample-sized” bags cheaply. 8oz is a LOT of tea for someone new to tea, who might not honestly like it or might be bored with it quickly. If you’d like a pre-made sampler, I would try and explore samplers: on the cheaper end, Verdant Tea has a $5 for 5 sampler. If you would rather have only one type of tea however, then Twinings Lady Grey is often a crowd pleaser and a recognizable tea brand.