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Bodum Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Press, Plastic, 1.5 Liter, 51 Ounce, Black?

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15th Jul 2018

Wow cool! That still seems like a LOT of coffee to me!! You said this lasts a week? Is this a concentrate that you dilute with water or ice?

Edit: for the record, I use a large French Press (https://www.amazon.com/Bodum-Coffee-Maker-Press-Plastic/dp/B01FFP5608) I use 120g of coffee and 1200-1300g of water (I fill it up) and then after 24 hours I pour it into two mason jars and put them in the fridge. I’ll usually drink right from the jar but sometimes I pour it into a bigger glass and add ice. Since I make two days worth of coffee every day I can build up a stockpile and then take a break