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Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones, OneOdio Wired Gaming Stereo Headsets w/Detachable Mic for PS4, Xbox one, PC, Cell Phones, Office, Wireless Headset w/ 30 Hrs Play Time – Studio Wireless(Y80B)?

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17th Jul 2018

I don’t like it either. I would guess they have some concerns over bluetooth latency which is okay for songs and calls, but could be a disaster for interactive video games. Bluetooth which supports Aptx can be somewhat better, but aptx is qualcomm’s baby whereas Nintendo has gone with Tegra. From what I can tell no tegra device has supported aptx and many bluetooth headphones don’t either.

This is an old problem. If you search on amazon for “bluetooth gaming headset” and click into each description on the first page you will find bluetooth headsets and gaming headsets but not both. Bluetooth pages don’t mention gaming, and gaming headsets opt for proprietary 2.4ghz usb dongles. There is only one product on the first page which mentions both bluetooth and gaming and it has an ominous description “These Bluetooth headphones can be used mainly for chatting, music and if needed, as a backup to gaming headset (It is NOT specially designed for gaming). ” – https://smile.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Headphones-OneOdio-Detachable-Neodymium/dp/B07CNM4X8V/