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Bluedio H-Turbine Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Powerful Bass Over-ear Headset Bulit-in Microphone-Retail package Global release (Black)?

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6th Apr 2021

Hello, I bet you get requests for gaming headphones and the like a lot, but I was looking for some headphones either with a mic or even just some recommendations for a mic to use with it. I’ve been researching on my own via this before, so I’ve seen the SR850, have seen HyperX, and the like, just not sure which would be better to look at.

Budget – Preferably under $150 CAD

• Source – I’ll be plugging this into my Macbook Pro, which does have bootcamp so it could be either Windows or MacOS.

• Requirements for Isolation – I don’t think I would need very much, as I plan to mostly use these at home on video calls, games, streams, discord, etc. I am currently fairly close to someone else at times when I’d use the headphones.

• Will you be using these Headphones in Public? – I likely won’t be using these too much in public.

• Preferred Type of Headphone – I would prefer to have over ear headphones.

• Preferred tonal balance – I’m new to getting headphones, so for now I’d assume a balanced approach, though this is flexible.

• Past headphones – Airpods(2nd gen I believe, gotten with school discount), Bluedio t3 plus, Hurricane Turbine Bluedio https://www.amazon.ca/Bluedio-H-Turbine-Bluetooth-headphones-microphone/dp/B00LGZVLMO (Broken), other is just crappy earbuds

• Preferred Music – I enjoy listening to a large variety of music, but my favourite kinds tend to be more upbeat songs, jazz, electro swing, etc. (If any exact examples are needed I can link them)

• What would you like to improve on from your set-up – For the airpods I’ve disliked how they’re in ear as they’ve fallen out a couple times and just feels odd. The T3 Plus while mostly good is extremely terrible when used for audio purposes as I become very quiet and almost unhearable. (Both the T3 Plus and Airpods were used at the same time).

Location – Canada

Thank you in advance for your help. I made sure to make this as detailed as possible.

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29th Jul 2017

I swear to God, I’m not advertising this, I’m saying this because this is by far the best bang for the buck purchase I had.

I bought these bluetooth headphones from Amazon.


I gotta say, it is cheap, and it feels cheap because of the plastic material, but BY GOD, the sound quality of this is insane!

Also, #StaySwaggyStay

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17th May 2016

Its $30 on amazon

edit: added link