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Blue Light Blocking Glasses Engineered to Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light and Designed to Look Great – Reduce Your eyestrain, Headaches and get Back a Good Night’s Sleep?

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19th Oct 2018

Hey OP, I also work in games and I also have coworkers who have similar issues. There are special glasses that you can buy that filter out blue light, and those same coworkers who get terrible headaches from staring at screens all swear by them. Some of them are extremely cheap, so at the very least it’s a small investment that you can make to see if they do the trick for you.

Here is a decent looking pair on Amazon for only $20. There are plenty of other options available all over the place that cost more of less depending on what you’re looking for exactly.

EDIT: Also worth mentioning – in addition to seeing a general practitioner as others have suggested, you should probably see an optometrist as well. I personally was not aware that I needed glasses until I was 17 – I thought the world looked as blurry as it did for everyone. In fact, I wouldn’t have even used the word blurry to describe the way I saw things because to me that was normal. Sure enough, I also had headaches due to my bad eyesight. When I first put glasses on and could see individual leaves on trees, my mind was blown. You might need prescription eyeglasses as well and be completely unaware of it if you’ve never seen an optometrist before.