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Blank Thick PBT OEM Profile 108 ANSI Keycaps for MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard (Only Keycap) (White)?

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24th Sep 2020

Lily58 with Blank Thick PBT caps – amazon

Foodie keycap from Dwarf Factory

Deskmat from zapcables

Switches are color coded here (+layout)

Blue – Box NavyRose – RoseliosOrange – Hako Royal Trues


Mouse – Hero G502
Microphone – MXL770
Monitor – VIOTEK GN27DW (1440p, 144hz, curved)
Phone – LGV60
Mixer – Aokeo 4-channel/3-band
Chair – Herman Miller Aeron

got em here on amazon

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18th Jun 2019
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11th Jan 2018