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25th Jan 2017

With batteries I would just add up their capacity (mAh), with the coffee maker, mackbook charger you’ll need to know how much time do this things run each day (a rough over-estimate is ok).

I’m going to assume your macbook charger is a 60w one and that you use you’r pc 10h a day.




The coffee maker: The only one I know is the small and simple one I have, it looks like this one and it says 650W on the bottom.

That thing takes 5min (or 1/12 of an hour) to heat up 2 cups of water (I just did the test).




This batteries that i found are 2.6Ah each. Asuming you just charge 1 you’ll need 2.6Ah.

An iphone 6 has a battery of 1810mAh, so 1.8Ah.

So we have:



Adding the Ah.


You’ll need double of that if your going to use anything other than NiMh,lithium, LifePo4 batteries (expensive), so:


If you discharge those batteries in 10h, you’re not going to get 120Ah, you are going to get around 85% of that so:


So a in reality you’ll need 150Ah of battery and ~~60W~~60Ah*12v/4=180w of solar, that should be able to charge the 60Ah that you used.
Since the coffee maker is going to run for very short period of time I suppose it shouldn’t be a problem with it damaging your battery. Also you’ll need to consider the inverter you’ll need has to be bigger than 650w.

EDIT: Holy shit!!, messed up the calculations for solar, my bad, should have proof read that. In reality is 180w of solar or so, depending on how much direct sunlight you get. 180w is for 4 hours, if you have less divide 720/(Amount of hours)=Solar needed.