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BLACK+DECKER dustbuster QuickClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum, White (HNVC215B10)?

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22nd Jan 2021


Do not forget a fresh shower curtain, toilet brush/plungers, and baking soda boxes for the fridge. These are my moving must-haves and must-dos!

As for an Amazon item, I could not live without my dust buster.

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12th Aug 2020

>Problem is it’s 1 a Hyundai

dumb take.

>2 it’s lacking in the hp department.

the turbo non-N models have 200Hp and they only weight 2800 pounds. if you really want more hp, just get an N.

a 350z has a 0-60 of about 5.8 to the non-n velosters 6.8. wow, one second. hilarious Nissan needs an engine twice as large, with higher compression that cant run on regular gas, and gets terrible mpg just to get that 1 second.

unless you actually track the car, its a useless second. the veloster turbo merges onto the highway incredibly well, and has plenty of power for passing regular traffic. it is super fun to drive both city and highway.

here get one of these for the 350z. youll need it when the flakes from the dashboard are all over your interior.