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Black White Cherry Profile PBT Double Shot 104 108 Top Print Shine Through Translucent Backlit keycap Suitable for MX Mechanical Keyboard (Only Keycap) (Black)?

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22nd Oct 2020

Ah, I have the one with the acrylic diffuser:


Here are some screenies of my keyboard and case:


Some things to keep in mind:

  • The keycaps are cherry profile, PBT, doubleshot shine-through. https://www.amazon.ca/Profile-Translucent-Suitable-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B07L3HLFZM
  • The case is meant for the for JJ40 (which isn’t hotswap) so the case, PCB, and diffuser sandwich won’t screw together with the provided screws. They are almost long enough. They are M2 (machine) screws and the ones I bought were 20mm long and I had to clip them.
  • The diffuser is separate and is squished together below the PCB so it won’t slip out by itself.
  • On top of the screws, don’t try to tighten the screws too much with the nuts since it will make your switches pop out slightly.
  • The 3M rubber feet provided are soft and sticky which is really nice but it does not stop the vibrations of this case to the desk. You will hear the desk reverb a bit so bigger and better feet might be a good thing to get.
  • Foam can be placed between the case and PCB but it needs to be 4mm thick. The modular foam from KBFans is what I want to get but it is expensive with the shipping.
  • The case will pick up electrical shocks due to.. well, being metal. Make sure you discharge yourself before touching the keyboard or ground the USB to the case.
  • It does sound good (at least, to me). There is the issue with the case where you can’t put foam anywhere at the bottom (since there is not bottom) but hey, it still sounds good.

I love this board though. I use it for gaming and work with gateron clears (205g0 and 106 spring lube) and I have orings (2mm for the top and bottom two rows, 1.5mm for the second row due to the cherry profile) and it is super silent and I can’t never wait to type on it.

The keyboard feels hefty as hell too. Pretty sure I can blugeon someone with it and it would survive.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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26th Sep 2020

If it’s hotswap and already has Kailh switches, most likely it has Kailh hotswap sockets too. So any switch should work. 3 pin might be a limitation, like u/elmurfudd said, clip the two plastic pegs on a 5 pin switch.

These caps might look better, have a better font.


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17th Sep 2019

what aboouuut THESE ??

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5th May 2019

If you’re looking for shine through PBT caps, I recommend these.