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Black OEM Profile PBT Double Shot 104 Side-lit Shine Through Translucent Backlit keycaps for MX Mechanical Keyboard Filco (Black)(Only Keycap)?

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25th Jul 2020
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9th Nov 2021

> I DID indeed mean the v3 (I checked my purchases order and they are in fact v3 not v2)

Awesome! I’ll order a set now; hopefully they’ll arrive in time for Christmas (or insert your respective brand of year-end gluttony here). Thanks! 🙂

> except that you will have to find something to replace the alt/fn/ctrl and shift keys on the right side
These PBT keycaps also come in an OEM Profile variant? (same listing, different “style”). I think the GMMK Pro uses OEM keycaps, but the link I sent you before lists the MX variant.

… and thus my hopes were raised. Until, that is, I saw this on the Amazon page:

> Q: Will this fit the gmmk pro
> A: The stems are compatible, but this set does not have the correct size right shift/alt/fn/ctrl.
> Overall, it looks great on my gmmk pro, but I had to use spare “numpad” keys in those spots, until I got a few custom single keycaps from wasd keyboards

Aw, crap.

Glorious posts a spec sheet with key sizes for the GMMK pro online. Alas, something is wrong with their HelpDocs.io account today… so read the archived version here (archived 2021-08-10). (Wayback Machine FTW!). Stupid 1.75u shift. ^/s

I did look into WASD Keyboards. They sell custom opaque keycaps, and although most are ABS, these seem like better quality, probably. Perhaps a good way to go until you find quality resin keycaps. For the short-term, though, perhaps your current ABS front-lit keycaps would be a better visual match (assuming the oddball RSHIFT/RALT/FN/RCTRL keys aren’t scuffed).

Please let me know when you find good resin keycaps, too! I’m definitely looking to up my keyboard game.

Thank you so, so much once again for your help! I hope you have a great week. 🙂

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25th Jul 2020

These are side lit, not white, but these are on amazon sold by a Chinese seller ymdk.