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Biore Japan – Nibeasan Protect Water Gel SPF50 PA +++ 80g?

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6th Sep 2021

I’m not really sure which one because it didn’t say but the bottle I received was light blue.

Biore Japan – Nibeasan Protect Water Gel SPF50 PA +++ 80g https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BALO6X0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_XJD4ZNJW36RPN9TAN6RF?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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27th May 2021

Try this, https://www.amazon.com/NIVEA-Sun-Super-Water-Gel/dp/B00BALO6X0/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=Korean+sunscreen+water+gel&qid=1622107254&sr=8-5

It’s my favorite. It’s makes my skin so soft and is very lightweight. My skin is also sensitive. It’s great

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13th May 2018

Skin type: Oily, Acne Prone
Has anybody tried out the Nivea Sun Super Water Gel? anybody have opinions on this sunscreen?
also not ab but has anyone tried out the cerave sa lotion?

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11th Jan 2016

Thanks! Is this the Nivea sunscreen you were talking about?

Also one last question…if sprays are basically useless, is there an alternative product you’d recommend for the body that’s not so thick and greasy like the American creams, or should I just suck it up and deal with it? (I find that I can never get them to sink in properly, they always sit on top of my skin in a big ol’ greasy layer.) Or, do you use the same gel stuff for both your face and body?

(p.s. especially if you know one that’s water or sweat resistant…unless that’s all just a big hoax lol)

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22nd Apr 2015

I don’t run outside, but I wear my Japanese Nivea Sun Super Water Gel Sunscreen when I go hiking. I’ll sweat if I’m out of the shade or if the trail gets steep and my skin feels great. I don’t get the gross sunscreen feeling with this one like I get with typical American sunscreens.

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16th Sep 2020
  • utility knife ($8)

  • flashlight ($8)

  • umbrella ($8)

  • whistle ($5)

  • motrin IB ($4)

  • notebook ($8)

  • pack of gum ($2)

  • travel toothbrush/toothpaste ($3)

  • mask/hat/glasses, etc ($8-20)

mix & match so you aren’t as noticeable when going in and out of places all the time. no name branded crap either. i would also cut my hair really short. muted clothes too. (grey, black, olive, taupe, etc)

to clarify: i mean a blue, surgical mask, you see mostly asian people wear when they’re sick. if you’re walking around the same stores, institutions, buildings, etc. now that there’s a pandemic, get the cheap cloth ones that have two sides each, so you can mix & match.

tip: wear a baggy shirt, jeans, jacket. (in order to make yourself appear more androgynous) if you’re a woman. you do not want to draw any attention to yourself.

  • a planet fitness membership card

($10/m) so you can exercise and shower.

  • a library card ($5)

i would sleep or nap in the library during the day, so you’re awake & more attentive at night. i wouldn’t want to stay at a homeless shelter. specifically in the quiet study rooms. put a jacket over your face to muffle any snoring.

  • soap ($6)

a 4 oz bottle of dr bronners tea tree oil soap. it’s very concentrated and a little goes a long way. costs about $6 and lasts about 6 months.

  • isopropyl alcohol ($3)

sanitize everything. a 16oz container might spill, and already takes up a lot of space, so I would transfer it to a sealed container, and discard some of it because it’s cheap. (but discard it safely because it’s flammable)

  • exfoliating cotton pads ($2)

use these when sanitizing things. because you won’t be able to stuff toilet rolls or paper towels in your backpack. and tissue paper will fall apart.

  • rosebud lip salve ($5)

tin container, lasts about 6-8 months

for those with darker skin, this isn’t essential. but i would recommend the nivea water gel sunscreen.

  • coins ($2)

(for the laundromat. you should have only carry around 2 shirts & pants) or when needing to print directions at the library. (if you don’t have a cell phone)

  • drivers license

there may be a small fee, but this is extra important.

  • vans

get the slip ons. they should be fine. but save up money for rain boots during the winter.

tip: always layer toilet paper over your underwear. every single day, discard, in order to keep your clothing sanitary/fresh.

tip: buy a waterproof backpack. not a torn up duffel back. if you pretend to be a student, people won’t think anything of someone wearing their backpack around. you could be a traveler.

tip: save up for a bike chain, a bike is crucial for getting around. don’t steal, don’t get yourself in trouble, otherwise you’ll be sitting in county jail for the next two months, until your hearing. that, or a detention center because you’re a Jane/John Doe no license, birth certificate, social security, the like)

tip: don’t pay for water, just go into waiting rooms and drink from those cooler things you see in office buildings. get a plastic water bottle to refill, a $0.50 at the grocery store)

tip: a female urinal might come in handy, though i’ve never tried one of those.

tip: if you can afford vitamins, you’ll probably need vitamin D & B complex.

tip: save now if you live someplace where the temperature drops down to 20 degrees in December. a fur coat. look up quality products on the computer at the public library. think land’s end or columbia. and get rid of the labels immediately.

tip: plan out your day in advance. write down what your plans for the week are on a calendar printable off the internet. where you plan to sleep, where you plan to go, what you plan to eat, etc. feeling lost and panicked will make things worse. hopefully once you’ve built in a routine, you’ll adapt a lot faster.

tip: you know those trails in the back of people’s neighborhoods? and i mean in the suburbs, not on someone’s land, or private property. or local parks that close at night. but usually where people in the neighborhood go to when camping. just set up there, in an isolated spot, quietly, then pack up and leave before sunrise. make sure to chain to a tree, firmly rooted in the earth.

tip: don’t waste money on first aid kits. all you really need is an antiseptic, and some gauze. if you were to cut yourself or something like that. get some tweezers if you plan on camping on the trails.

tip: get a train or bus ticket somewhere that you can get by in. meaning you’re not going to make it in a small, rural town, or a large, densely populated city. you’re not going to make it in Alaska or Texas, either. and San Francisco? your best bet would be in the suburbs outside major cities.

northern virginia, for example. you want to live in an area/county with lots of markets, trees, water, etc. with an accredited university & community college nearby. has a good public school system. those are usually good indications. you want decent weather. and the population of the city you’re going to, should be from 70-90k. these places are pretty diverse for the most part. but i would make sure of that.

tip: it’s important to ride around the city and familiarize yourself with everything. take note of bus stations, street names, stores, hiking trails, etc. print out a map and draw a circle, so that way you’ll know where you are.

tip: you know those pharmacies in the grocery store? if you’re sick or something, all you have to do is write down your symptoms and they’ll usually ask questions, then suggest something for you. $80 minute clinic appointments are unnecessary, especially when you can look things up on webMD and ask the pharmacist.

tip: if you’re having a hard time falling asleep, say in the library, look for “doxylamine succinate”. benadryl, nyquil, etc will help.

tip: KETO. proteins & fats. nutrient dense, whole foods. limit refined carbs, junk food, soda, garbage, etc, that won’t keep you full throughout the day. (e.g. string cheese, greek yogurt w/fruit on the bottom, whole milk, beef jerky, hard boiled eggs (salad bar), guacamole, almonds, chickpeas, bell peppers, peanut butter, spinach, babybels)

tip: go into fast food restaurants and grab sugar packets, salt & pepper packets, straws, silverware, napkins, etc. (it’ll just be sitting out at places like wendy’s & chick-fil-a)

tip: if you do buy junk food, be mindful and get the burger with the lettuce wrap, not the bun.

conclusion: in my opinion, you should always keep to yourself. don’t ask for money, surround yourself with the homeless, and expose yourself to rapists, abusers, thieves, and the like. or illnesses through prostitution, human trafficking, so on, so on. just getting involved in the wrong things, like drugs, cigarettes, alcohol. most of the time these people are looking for people to prey on. they’ll be at the shelters, at the tents, especially if you put yourself there.

rely on actual programs, or church organizations, etc, when you need help, or are looking to get back on your feet. but the simple fact remains: they cannot help everyone. they cannot reach out to everyone. if they could, this wouldn’t even be a problem. no one would be in this type of situation. so you have to help yourself first. and can’t rely on anyone else to do it. or expect that anyone is genuine about wanting to help you.

exceptions: you could get those metal flasks to put alcohol in, if you really wanted to. and unless you got ahold of clean, pharmaceutical drugs, or some analog made in a lab, you have no idea whether or not this oxy, ritalin, etc has been laced with something. so don’t take it.

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20th Dec 2021

r/SkincareAddiction and r/AsianBeauty have good threads with recommendations. Some I have liked though are (in no particular order):


Others I’ve heard recommended:

An actual good American offering

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9th Feb 2016

My favorite everyday sunscreen is actually Korean… Missha – All Around Safe Block Essence Sun— it’s fairly moisturizing, leaves no white cast, glides on like butter, wears amazingly under makeup.

For waterproof sunscreen:

Menturm – Sun Bears Strong Super Plus is very inexpensive off of eBay or Rakuten and offers great protection.

Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel is great for your face, but the jelly consistency kind of bothers me.

Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen is on my wishlist– I’ve heard great things about it on /r/AsianBeauty !

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3rd Feb 2016

I haven’t tried these yet, but I’ve poring over the sub the last couple days, putting together a list of stuff I want for my first haul (trying not to go overboard, so I’m going to narrow it down eventually, lol) and here are the waterproof sunscreens I’m interested in so far:

I had a couple more on my list, but they were non-AB and/or not waterproof.

If you’re concerned about physical vs. chemical, I think the only one here that is physical is Innisfree’s. The others are combinations, if I recall correctly.

Sorry I don’t have any experience with them yet myself, but these are suggestions from people here who have used them. I’d like to hear more people’s experiences with them or even get other suggestions!

Note: The links to Amazon are affiliate links.

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27th May 2015

> Nivea Sun

Are you talking about this (2.8oz) or this (4.9oz)? (both products of Japan and not 7-10 oz) I am not even trying to be snarky, I am trying to find this giant value in cost vs. ounces.

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28th May 2015

Nivea Super Water Gel – This doesn’t solve your alcohol problem, but it is fragrance free and I’ve been using it on my hands and neck recently and am liking it a lot: http://www.amazon.com/NIVEA-Sun-Super-Water-Gel/dp/B00BALO6X0