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Bioderma – Cicabio – Face Body Cream – Soothing and Renewing Cream – Hydrates, Restores and Soothes the Skin – for Dry Skin Irritations 1.35 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)?

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16th May 2020

Bioderma’s Cicabio Creme has done absolute wonders for me when I upped my tret dosage to 0.1% and was peeling, hurting and irritated like crazy! It’s like 15 USD on Amazon for a 40 ml tube, which is the same size as the GBR I believe.

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15th Sep 2020

Is there any specific reason you’re trying to stick to your oil-free moisturiser? Retinoids decrease oil production in your skin (hence helping with acne) so your skin might need a little help right now. CeraVe works for a lot of people but there’s a bunch of us who don’t tolerate it very well – I would recommend you give Bioderma’s Cicabio Creme a try, it’s been great. It gave my skin just enough moisture not to be a flakey mess but I didn’t have that thick, oily sheen, nor did I wake up to find 86.9% of the previous night’s hydrating products on my pillow. Vaseline for extra sensitive areas like the corners of your mouth etc. is pretty good too and it costs nothing, just make sure there’s no fragrance or extra additives in it.

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9th May 2021

Did you try Bioderma Cicabio

or Soonjung Cica Balm?

I get dermatitis too. I especially like the Soonjung.