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Big & Tall Heavy Duty Executive Chair 500 Lbs Heavyweight Rated Black PU Leather Task Rolling Swivel Ergonomic Executive Office Chair with Massage Lumbar Support Armrest?

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10th Dec 2020

Desk chairs are a bitch and a half. Even when they’re rated for Big and Tall they can crap out. I gave my fiancé my office chair that was rated to like 500 lbs and somehow the gas strut blew out on him within like 6 months (either the chair wasn’t actually rated that high, or my fiancé is definitely over 500 lbs… anyway) so I had to replace the strut with a high capacity one (500-1000 lbs capacity). It’s not easy but it was the best option than replacing an otherwise comfy chair.

The one I gave him is somewhat similar to this one tho his doesnt have the massage function. Not insanely expensive as I’ve seen some go well beyond $400+.