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BIC America DV32-B 125-Watt 2-Way 3.5-Inch Speakers with Keyholes for Versatile Mounting (Black)?

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15th Nov 2016

BIC DV32 $60 These are small, have integrated keyholes on two sides and actually sound good for the size. Oh yeah they are very affordable.

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3rd Feb 2015

You can do whatever you like but keep in mind with a 2.0 you want larger speakers to get the bass response…with a sub you don’t have to get large speakers. It all depends on what room you have and what you’re looking for. I have pretty large speakers at work because I have a huge desk. At the house my office has Micca’s because they are smaller. You could even get a set of BIC DV32 for $55 and be good if you pair them with a sub. That would get you well below your $250 budget.

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29th Jun 2019

These sound great and have a ton of mounting options, including angled down

I personally have these in my high ceilinged kitchen, along with;

This $200 subwoofer.

The DV32B’s are running off a simple, and cheap, Nobsound NS-01G Mini BT amp.

All under $300. Add some wires and you’ve honestly got a very good little system suitable for any genre, (I do jazz, classic rock, metal, some electronica), and all you have to do is pair a phone or Echo Dot, Google Mini etc. to it.

The wife and I love it for hanging out and cooking. And you can also get the DV32B in white if you look on ebay.

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29th Oct 2018

I read the post and have to say that I don’t remember the Covos sounding “mushy” or with reverb. They certainly are very mid centric and have little for bass and highs (highs are subjective looking at you Pioneer BS22 fans). I wouldn’t use them as main speakers.

I would go with the MB42X as they are pretty small and give decent low end. You can go smaller but you really suffer in the bass department. However, that being said the Covo’s low end well is really non existent. Here are some that I would look at. Keep in mind that it could also be your amp. At least with new speakers you’ll know.

  1. BIC DV32$60 – Decent small speaker with an odd shape. They can easily we wall mounted.
  2. Boston CS23II $60 ea – great little speaker that has a very smooth sound.


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30th Mar 2015

So you want a 5.1 with a budget of $450 it can be done but you have to go refurb on the AVR and rethink speakers.

AVR – Yamaha HTR 3360 refurb $160 The addition of the YPAO auto setup is worth it.

Speakers – Mains and surround: BIC DV32 $55 Center: BIC DV32CLR $45

Sub – Dayton Sub 800 $85 (it’s out of stock, if you can wait for it to come back in stock you’ll save money) or get the Yamaha YST-SW012 $100

That should get you to $415 enough for wires, sub cable, HDMI cable, and an optical cable.

As an alternative if you wanted new get this Yamaha AVR $250 and speaker set $130 to meet your budget.