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Beyution Smart Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphone—for Apple iphone series and all IPAD IPOD series; SAMSUNG GALAXY S4/S3; Nook; Visual Land; Acer; Coby; Ematic; Asus; Hisense; Supersonic; Adesso; Filemate; LG and all portable deive which with bluetooth device?

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11th Jul 2015

My old DSP500s are falling apart. Need something new. My wife was kind enough to buy me these for Father’s day, but they sound absolutely terrible, and they don’t fit my giant head.


Budget – <$50

Source – Desktop/LaptopPC

Requirements for Isolation – minimal, unless you can disable. It’d be nice to drown out the kids when I know mommy’s on duty, but other times I need to be able to hear if something’s going on, so I’d err on the side of lower isolation

Preferred Type of Headphone – Prefer a set of headphones, but as mentioned, the size of my big head (size 8 fitted cap) is an issue. The ones referenced above, if one earpiece is properly seated, the other one doesn’t even come halfway down my ear unless I wear them hanging off the back of my head. The adjustment needs to go big. I’ve never used earbuds except for the $5 crappy ones that come with consumer electronics. If there are comfortable ones of those, I’m open.

Preferred tonal balance – Balanced tone. Primary use is video games, but I do some guitar and bass recording occasionally.

Past headphones – I loved the DSP500. I got them used 10 years ago. The physical unit is coming apart, but the sound is still great.

Preferred Music – Metalcore – example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN4z_-R7poE (listening to that on these Beyutions reminded me how terrible the sound is on these.)

What would you like to improve on from your set-up – Something that fits my head, sounds okay, and is relatively cheap. Just need something comfortable and reliable. I’m not a picky audiophile with libraries of lossless media or an audio engineer. I just want to hear the music and the games.