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beyerdynamic T 90 New Tesla Audiophile High End Headphone?

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9th Sep 2016

Wow, thanks for the detailed response! I’ve looked into those headphones and the Fostex interests me the most, but it’s apparently no longer available for “drop off”. Shame.

I like the looks of the HE-400, and the audioquest look interesting, but I’ve always been cautious when it comes too Headphones “engineered” by musicians. But i’m willing to try them.

I was also looking at the Beyerdynamic T-90, would you say they’re a good choice? The review compares them to the HD700 which may be bad, and i don’t understand the technical aspect of it all(Being 18 is my excuse for not really knowing). Like i assume more ohms and a higher wattage= better sound quality ahaha. Step up from when i used to just want it really loud though.

When i comes to the music i honestly care more about the vocals than anything else, that’s what i focus on, strange when rap is so heavily reliant on the beats nowadays. I don’t want any part of the beat to be too overpowering in relation to the rest of the track.

This is a lot more complicated than i originally envisioned ahaha, i always assumed something like Sennheiser would be the best etc. Worth the extra effort though.

I can’t explain it well, but i’m listening to Dark Fantasy on my M50’s and part of the instrumental seems a lot, weaker than the rest, i don’t know the name, but it comes from the left channel(Right channel in the video, starts around the one minute mark) and stands out from the rest of the beat even though it’s pretty quiet. This is probably purposely done, but it feels weird to me, like it should stand out more or something.

Edit: Actually, listening to the album, i feel like everything sounds a little, flat? It’s good quality and all but it sounds like it lacks character for lack of a better term. Maybe it’s because i have it pretty quite since it’s 2am and i don’t want to risk waking anyone ahaha.

Edit: It comes out of the right channel in the video i sent, but i was listening to my physical copy, so it isn’t due to youtube compression.