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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm Closed-Back Studio Mixing Headphones Bundle -Includes- Soft Case, Headphone Splitter and Extension Cable, and 6AVE Cleaning Cloth?

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15th Apr 2021

Dude they’re never $200.


And then I also have to ask, did you pay for both or did the company accidentally send you 2?

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16th Mar 2021

This is a great closed back headphone. It works “fine” without an amp but it will sound nicer with one. It is within your price range at $179 and I would buy them if I wanted a closed back, with or without amp but I would plan on getting an amp down the line.


I think these Sennheisers would tease me and probably win on build quality for $20 more. Tough one but I have more experience with their brand. But I know that the Bayerdynamics make some incredible headphones too so I would still go with them if I wanted to save $20. The Sennheisers have the same pseudo amp need.


I found a great deal on a refurbished Sony headphone. I have tried these on. They have a comfort level like that of my work related closed backs. They have excellent sound I have worn them. these are factory refurbished for $90. They should be excellent and not require an amp because they have their own onboard amp. Only con is compared to my MX1000mk3s they are slightly lower end and have half the battery life. but 20 hours ANC is workable.



In Summary

The Bayer Dynamic are great, they look the comfiest to me and have good thick natural padding.

The Sennheiser have top notch build quality, nothing sticking out, they should have great natural isolation with those thicker pads and yeah I have almost sold myself on them. From my experience a good thick pad will do more to reduce the noise of yelling vs active noise cancel, which more eliminates background noises like air conditioning.

The Sony, well, your getting great value, they will have the most comfortable fit. You will give up a little bit of sound quality vs the Sennheiser and the Bayer Dynamic but they have their own built on amp and they are well worth the money. They will also work as normal headphones if you plug them in when the battery is dead.

They can also work on your phone on trips.

I hope this helps you out some. Good luck.