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beyerdynamic DT 770 i Headphones?

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6th Feb 2018

if you want the pleather pads here ya go:


that version will also work better on portable devices like a phone and it has a shorter cable unlike the long, coiled cable on the 80 ohm version.

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4th Mar 2017

Here’s the 16 ohm fro 119.


He can buy the velour pads for an extra 35 bucks if he prefers those but at that point he’s probably better off getting the 80 ohm versions for 160. I’d urge him to spend the extra cash and get the M100s, though. I think they have a better sound signautre, they are portable, they look better (if that matters at all), and they have a detachable cable. Only downside, IMO, is the lack of velour pads.

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1st Mar 2017

I am shopping for a friend’s first “legit” pair of headphones. so i am answering these questions as best i can:

budget – under $200

source – laptop and phone (no amp)

isolation – as much as possible. these headphones will be used in public.

preferred type of headphone – full-sized

preferred tonal balance – emphasis on bass

past headphones – unknown, but likely cheap earbuds.

preferred music – “I listen to a lot of things” but cites trance and top 40s songs.

I, myself currently own beyer dt770pro 80ohm and dt 990pro 250ohm, ultrasone pro900, audiotechnica es7 and m50, sennheiser hd280, UE triple.fi 10 among others…

I am looking at the beyer dt770i (16ohm) for my friend and to have him replace the pleather cups with velour ones for added comfort. I figured this would give him the most isolation, comfort, best soundstage and a good amount of bass (quality and quantity) for his budget without the need for amping. he was talking about getting beats and bose for which i quickly intervened. do you guys think this is a good option? or is there another better alternative?


velour pads

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2nd Mar 2016

Is that sarcasm that I’m missing? the 16 ohm ones are listed right here.