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Best Price Mattress New Innovated Box Spring Metal Bed Frame, Full?

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5th Sep 2015

this is what we have our mattress sitting on. We have a fully finished basement and in the summer the second story in our house gets a little warm for my husbands liking, and humid despite the AC and the fan in the attic. So I moved our bedroom to the basement and…. the boxspring couldn’t fit. I was pissed. Crying. I had moved EVERYTHING else, it had NEVER occurred to me to check if the boxspring could make it. Unless I ripped out the bannister, it wasn’t making it. So I went looking for two part boxsprings and stumbled across that. No regrets. It’s been a year and a half and fantastic. A nice 14 inch clearance underneath, you can get rubbermaid containers under there – It would be the same height as if you had a low frame and then a boxspring. A normal bedskirt hides the whole shebang and quite nicely I might add. I’m not stubbing/stabbing my ankle with the queen frame like I did with our old one. I mean, SERIOUS STORAGE POTENTIAL! You could even customer make some rolling drawers for underneath and bam. And for 100 bucks, it’s cheaper than a boxspring and frame. I’m 198, my husband is 230lbs and never heard a noise from the frame and it was set up in about… 15? I did it by myself but 2 would make it go faster.

But yeah, the mattress we had, my husband bought before he even started dating me and I never liked it at all. It was far too soft and then I was having back issues. So when we were moving from Cali to Iowa and we were being paid to move – not to mention the cockroach infested apartment complex we lived in meant no fucking way was I bringing that mattress with me – I declared the 13 year old mattress dumpster worthy. We decided that we’d get the firmness that I wanted and worst case scenario, I sew some padding to make his side more comfy. But we found the firmness that gave me the support – oh my god far less back issues – and the pillow top didn’t make me cringe. All said and done, we took advantage of a 50% off sale, snagged a queen for 600 and snagged a really decent twin for my son to replace his cheap one he’d had for 7 years.

But that frame… that frame 😀 I won’t go back. I’m thinking of getting one for the kid now to replace his Ikea bed, and for the spare bedroom.