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BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp/Task Lamp/Swing Arm Lamp: Eye-Care, Auto-Dimming, CRI 95, 13 Color Temperatures, 35” Wide Illumination for Home Office, Bedroom, Living Room (Silver)?

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29th Jul 2020

big up tricky ricky

i recently purchased this lamp for $200. for me, such a sum is absurd but i must say that this lamp is the mutt’s nuts — might actually be my fav. purchase of the year

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12th Sep 2016

US version – of the 4 “similar” products listed, all are under $50. And all 70 reviews appear to be couponers. Not to say it isn’t nice, but at $250 no one has purchased and then reviewed it.

But you can call it all sour grapes – I think I applied for it on Tomoson when posted for the US months ago, and wasn’t approved. So I want to believe that the $50 versions I did get are just as good.

Glad to hear it is nice.

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26th Jul 2021

Lamp is the BenQ e-Reading Lamp with an added clamp to save on desk space

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5th Jul 2021

I’ve used this one for a few hours when I was visiting another office. It’s not cheap.

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp


I’ve seen the Dyson ones in person, but never used it. They look amazing, but the price is even more expensive.