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Bench Press Set with Squat Rack, Weight Bench Set, Foldable Adjustable Bench Press Rack, Weight Benches for Home(Bearing weight: 440 lbs)?

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13th Sep 2020

Do I need a weightlifting platform or will ecore floor tiles work?

My girlfriend and I are putting a home gym into our basement and we are both very excited. We were able to get a multi-function bench (similar to this one) with a ton of bars & weights on Craigslist for super cheap. We are planning on doing deadlifts and squats from this rack.

Additionally, I was able to find someone in my local area selling gym flooring (this exact one) and we were planning on getting these to go on our floor. Would we need to have a purpose built weightlifting platform or would the standard gym flooring suffice?

INFO: This is going in our basement, which has a concrete floor. The ceiling isn’t that high, so I doubt there will be any kind of dropping from a large height ever. Additionally, the house is a bit old (built in the 70’s?), don’t know if that effects the strength of the concrete.