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Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones?

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16th Apr 2018

I care a little bit, but I wouldn’t consider myself an audiophile. I guess I am in spirit but just can’t afford anything spectacular. I’m not happy with generic cheap earbuds that most people use now, not just the sound quality but because they wear out and stop working very quickly. Other than that I’m not picky. When I posted that over there though, I didn’t know there was a headphone subreddit.

My previous headphones were Behringer HPS3000 and they sounded great to me personally, but I haven’t heard any really high end headphones. But now I’m looking for something wireless with similar sound quality (or better)

These were $30-$40 when I bought them back in 2015, now they’re cheaper. Only reason I’m replacing them is one of the earpads broke off, they’re a little big for working out, and want something wireless.


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20th Apr 2017
  • Budget – preferred 100 USD – hard limit 120 USD.

  • Source – Samsung Galaxy S7, Dell Precision 7510 Laptop streaming through Spotify Premium and YT

  • Requirements for Isolation – I plan to use these in the office (cubicle) and at home. My understanding is that Closed back design is the only way to not bother my neighbors at work, but if I’m incorrect on that, I’m open to whatever for the best experience.

  • Will you be using these Headphones in Public? Rarely, if ever

  • Preferred Type of Headphone – I’d prefer Over-Ear for comfort reasons, though I’m willing to try anything. I also need them to not be overly large form-factor, which maybe means IEM’s are the better option. I’m hesitant to try On-Ear because I’ve read the clamping force is pretty strong.

  • Preferred tonal balance – I’d like a neutral balance.

  • Past headphones – Currently I’m using the earbuds that came with the S7, and I like how they sound, not sure how they rate according to anything in the price range. I have also purchased, and used, the Behringer HPS3000. At first I liked them, but now the clamping pressure is way too much for me, it gets uncomfortable after maybe 20 minutes of listening. They’ve also begun to have a crackling noise no matter the source I try.

  • Preferred Music – I listen to pretty much anything, hence the neutral balance. Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Blues, Pop-Rock, Math-Rock, Folk, Country. If there’s a way to share my Spotify Library, I can do that.

  • What would you like to improve on from your set-up – I’m looking to try higher quality audio gear and see if it makes a difference for my needs/desires. I like the setup I have, but I want to see what an improvement feels like.

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28th Dec 2017

I just got these for $19.99 on Amazon. Have not plugged them into my amp yet, but they are over the ear and come with the 1/4″ adapter.

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12th Dec 2016

Problem: not living in the US often leads to (very) higher price ranges.


About mics:

  • Zalman ZM-Mic1: 7€ to 12€. Which means 7,44$ to 12,75$.

  • Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone: 59.99€, the equivalent of 63.76$.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d go for a good headphones + mic any day, but i’m bound to my headset for the time being (skullcandy slyr + Xonar DGX). Unless it breaks, I’m not changing for the moment.

But still, prices are a very regional thing. As you can see, I’d have to spend quite more than you to get your same equipment. In Audio Technica case, price is literally doubled.