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Beard Derma Roller for Beard Growth & Care – Derma Roller for Men – Roller for Home Use – YOOBEAUL Beard Growth Kit Refill?

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30th Jul 2021

I’m a barber. Been cutting hair for years. Look for the micro needle roller. The Egyptians used to use it. But it actually works. You roll it over your face where you want the hair to grow. And it’s not instant. It does take several months. But it does for sure work. It opens the spaces in the pores and allows hair and hair follicles to form and grow. Here’s the link to the one I personally recommend


Shaving daily can help the hair to grow thicker and fuller as well. But this works best in my opinion. I have many clients who use it on a daily basis. And they have defiantly shown results from it.

As far as the unibrow. I line mine up. I use a trimmer, personally I use my andis t outliner. But you can use any trimmer or eyebrow shaver. And google “eyebrow lineup graph” and follow the images you see there. It’s the best way to keep a nice lineup. Good luck to you man!