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BAYKA French Press Coffee Maker, 304 Grade Stainless Steel with 4-Level Filtration Systems, 34Oz(1L) Coffee Press for Home Office, Dishwasher Safe, Silver?

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12th Nov 2021

Ideally, vacuum seal and freeze it unground. We’ve had coffee beans that still taste good after being in a deepfreeze for a few years… but really you should rotate them out sooner.

In terms of presses, this was a nice one that an airbnb was using. Ideally few or no plastic parts especially for the press parts… they break.

Amazon Stainless Steel French Press

Also, you could go the Aeropress route… Not pretty, but works very well.

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26th Oct 2020

Don’t buy a high end French press.

Double walled vacuum insulation is dirt cheap. There is no difference in performance between entry level and high end. You’re not gaining better heat retention by spending more.

Filtration is dirt cheap. Minimal gain from going high end. Most of the particles will settle anyway, and if you just put the extra money toward a better grinder you won’t have to worry about filtering out fines anyway.

I have this $25 French press. I love it. Double walled vacuum insulation. Double filters. All metal construction from good stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. Easy to take apart and clean. Keeps coffee hot for much longer than it takes me to empty a carafe. Survived 2+ years in a dorm, which is saying something.

A French press is an extremely simple, straight forward device. There’s no reason to spend more than like $30 on one.