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Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash – Deep Cleans and Refreshes for Normal to Oily Skin, Oil-free, Soap Free – 6 fl. oz. (Pack of 3)?

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18th May 2021

I see in your comments the soap must contain sodium laureth sulfate. I don’t know what soap you currently use, but I did a quick google and found a cleanser which is specifically made for use on the face, contains sodium laureate sulfate secondary to more gentle cleansing agents, and gets a lot of reviews that say it’s not super drying. It’s called Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash. It has some fragrance in it which can be irritating, but it still might be a better option to your current soap while satisfying the SLS requirement.

I also agree with the other comments about a ceramide containing moisturizer. I see you tried Cerave in the tub and petroleum jelly, both of which can feel kinda heavy/filmy/not well absorbed to me. I’d say give Cerave PM at try since it has ceramides and is lighterweight. Depending on how dry you are you could work on finding something to layer on top. It helps a lot to moisturize right after washing your face if you aren’t already doing that.

And finally, SPF is always recommended! It’s the number one anti-aging tool (and protects against skin cancer, obviously).

P.S. Internet hugs and support for the trials of mental illness. Glad you’re working with a therapist!