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14th Feb 2021

Yeah, pretty much. I spent about 1-2 years grinding it out in the 3-5 rep range, de-loading and running into plateaus again. It left me beat up.

I started watching Alexander Bromley on YouTube and picked up his base strength book. And started running one of the programs from the book. Specifically the Volume / Intensity program

Base Strength: Program Design Blueprint https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08R5J58F8

The short of it is that I’m running in higher rep ranges with lighter weight for now but gradually increasing intensity over time ( typical periodization). The difference though, is that the phases run these 3 week repeating waves so every 4th week it’s like having a built in deload. Since running the program all of my issues have dissipated. (Shoulder and low back issues gone) and my calculated 1 RM for all lifts are skyrocketing.

In a few months I’ll be back in the 3-5 rep range but I won’t be there longer than necessary and I’ll have built a solid foundation ( base strength).

If you haven’t already I would recommend subscribing to Bromleys YouTube channel and checkout the base strength book. I’m having fun again and making gains. Strength and size.

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27th Jun 2021

The general feedback you’re likely to get around here is “That’s not a program, it’s just a list of exercises”. What you’re missing that would make it a ‘program’ is a progression scheme (i.e. when do you change the weights and/or reps and by how much).

As TC pointed out, it’s not a bad idea to go look at the fitness wiki, specifically the recommended routines. The programs there have been run by enough people with positive results that they are just ‘known to work’.
You should also maybe do some reading to understand training principles – Alex Bromley’s Base strength is an easy read on this topic and Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 books are considered classics.

Regarding your ‘list of exercises’ – it looks pretty good. You’re hitting all the major muscle groups and varying rep ranges and using both a BB and DBs is also a good idea.
As long as you’re eating enough and working hard when you’re in the gym this routine will get you bigger and stronger. You might be able to get bigger and stronger slightly faster by running a ‘program’, but it won’t be a night and day difference.

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24th Mar 2022

some ideas:

  • try sticking with morning workouts for a while, like a month or two. often you’ll feel terrible at first but your body will adapt and it will get easier.

  • try bringing some kettlebells into work and working out at lunch. it’s totally possible to build muscle and stay in shape using kettlebells, and you could supplement with barbells on the weekend if you want.

  • if you really can’t make it work, there are two-day barbell programs you could try on the weekends. you likely won’t make as much progress as you would on a 3+ day program, but you can still make progress. i think there’s at least one two-day template in base strength, and maybe some 5/3/1 variants that would work twice a week.

ultimately it’s just about finding ways to get to yes.

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17th Feb 2022

I’ve found that Alex Bromley does a very good job of explaining how to program and the programs he’s created have led to pretty good results from the people here in WR who have followed them. He has two books on programming; Base Strength and Peak Strength. He also has some very good videos on YouTube as well as a Patreon thing.