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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Wireless Headphones – Charcoal grey – 1643874, Charcoal Gray?

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12th Nov 2017

I’m glad I came back to see this comment. I read the article earlier. I’m not getting my Atmos copy of Automatic until Tuesday. But I own an Xbox One S and I decided I was going to try what the author did in the article. I saw the author used Steelseries Arctis headphones so I went on to Amazon trying to find it and saw there were a ton of different versions of it. I was trying to determine which ones were Atmos-ready—surely it had to be one of the 7.1-surround equipped headphones. I gave up after a while, and figured I’d look into it more later.

I personally use this pair of B&O headphones and I’m glad to know they should work to produce a similar experience to the author’s. So thanks for updating.