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BalanceFrom Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology and Backlight Display, 400 Pounds, Regular, White?

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11th Sep 2020

You’ve been given some excellent advice! Frankly, asking for someone to buy you an exercise machine is a tall order for this sub, and I highly doubt anyone will do that for you. Plus, because of the pandemic, exercise equipment has been hard to come by, and prices are sky high for them. YouTube is your friend; the great outdoors is your friend. Having workout machines isn’t going to be any more likely to get you to work out than all of the other great free options that have been mentioned.

As for keeping tabs of your weight, I agree with everyone else that your body measurements (waist, hips, bust, etc.) are a better way of tracking your progress. However, if you really feel you want a scale, you should make an Amazon wishlist with some affordable options for people to purchase it for you. Here are some quick suggestions:

Most affordable Prime-eligible digital scale I could find

A little pricier, but also includes a measuring tape

Even if you don’t get anyone to purchase one of these for you, I think a lot of thrift stores will have scales and measuring tapes you can purchase on your own. Good luck!