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Avid Mbox High-Performance 4×4 Audio Interface for Mac and PC?

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16th Nov 2016

Would you have any suggestions product wise? I’m looking around and a lot of the audio interfaces im seeing don’t have midi out/in ports, and the ones that do are very expensive (the Avid Mbox)

This whole situation + other things I’ve read gives me the impression midi ports are becoming obsolete. Would it be better to invest in an actual midi controller with usb-B out (as opposed to my digital keyboard), and then buy a cheaper AI?

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9th Jul 2016

Hey guys!

I’m kinda new to this stuff, so I don’t know a lot about amps and DACs and stuff. I do some recording, but I’ve used a somewhat janky setup for a while. I recently got headphones that I think need an amp, so I am asking you now.

Here are the things I need to make work together:

  • AKG K7XX headphones
  • Standard 2.1 computer speakers (Aux, not USB)
  • Mbox 4×4

It is my understanding that the Mbox acts as a DAC. If I’m mistaken, let me know! Given that, I just need an amp.

Here’s what I want:

  • < $150
  • Multiple outputs
  • Ideally, different volumes for each output

You guys are the experts. What do you think works for this?